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Signature Cable Keyring-340768



Edward Mirell Signature Cable EMK103 Keyring

The Signature Cable Collection highlights the use of the Black Titanium (Black Ti) Memory Cable, where the 74 strands of Titanium wire are used to create the cable, offering a durable and contemporary feel.  The EMK103 presents a modern design 3.5mm Black Ti arched and capped on both ends with a gray titanium nut, which unscrew allowing your keys to be put on the cable.  The detail of the solid gray titanium, machined piston adds to the dramatic design.  Measures approximately 1.75” x 1.4” in overall size.  The Titanium is a very lightweight metal and provides approximately seven times more strength than platinum.

Edward Mirell is the founder and global leader of contemporary metals jewelry, blending a passion for design with the latest technology to create unique jewelry accessories. The line specializes in award-winning titanium pieces, implementing patented technology to create unique designs, colors and styles.

All Edward Mirell products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA at its South Florida facility.

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