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PANDORA Earrings are the perfect accessory to top off your look. Take a look at our different earring designs, many have matching necklaces and rings!


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PANDORA Rose™ Luminous Ice Earrings 287567CZ
PANDORA Lunar Light Earrings 297569CZ
PANDORA Glacial Beauty Earrings 297545CZ
PANDORA Luminous Ice Earrings 297567CZ
PANDORA Classic Beads 297568
PANDORA Classic Beads
PANDORA String of Beads Earrings 297535
PANDORA String of Beads Earrings 297532
PANDORA Contemporary Pearls Earrings 297528P
PANDORA Rose™ Radiant Teardrop Earrings 286252CZ
PANDORA Rose™ Vintage Allure Earrings 280721CZ
PANDORA Rose™ Alluring Hearts Earrings 287290CZ
PANDORA Rose™ Heraldic Radiance Earrings 287728NPM
PANDORA Hoops of Versatility 297694
PANDORA Oval Sparkle Earrings 297691CZ
PANDORA Curved Grains Earrings 297730
PANDORA Forever PANDORA Hearts 297709CZ
PANDORA Regal Droplets Earrings 297686CZ
PANDORA Regal Hearts Earring 297693
PANDORA Alluring Hearts Earrings 297290CZ
PANDORA Princess Wish Earrings
PANDORA Forever Signature Earrings 297446CZ
PANDORA Modern Rose™ Lovepods Earrings 287357CZ
PANDORA Modern Lovepods Earrings 297357CZ
PANDORA Vintage Heart Fans 297298CZ
PANDORA Vintage Heart Fans
PANDORA Spiritual Feathers Dangle Earrings 297205EN168
PANDORA Open Heart Ear Cuff 297214
PANDORA Signature Heart Stud Earrings 297382CZ
PANDORA Sweet Statements Stud Earrings
PANDORA Bright Hearts Hoop Earrings
PANDORA Brilliant Bows Stud Earrings
PANDORA Enchanted Crowns Stud Earrings
PANDORA Ladybug Meadow Jacket Earrings
PANDORA Playful Winks Stud Earrings
PANDORA Heart Swirls Stud Earrings
PANDORA Elegant Waves Hoop Earrings
PANDORA Swirling Chandeliers Drop Earrings
PANDORA Enchanted Tassels Drop Earrings
PANDORA Shine™ Forever Stud Earrings
PANDORA Two Hearts Hoop Earrings
PANDORA Love Locks Dangle Earrings
PANDORA Circles CZ Drop Earrings