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Love Potion No.9 Package 2 - GemWater Set FREE Earrings & Bracelet

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This Love Potion Package includes GemWater "Love" Vial Set AND ViA Love Bottle for when you're on the go! Wait - there's even more! As a gift, we are including the "Ooo Baby Baby Earrings" & coordinating "My Strength Bracelet" by Elisa Ilana.
Total package value is $531
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Stones contain the unique ability to transform, absorb, amplify and transmit different energies. 

Garnet - "The Energizer" - for passion, energy, and health. As we grow, garnet helps us feel grounded and connected to the present moment. Wearing "My Strength Bracelet" will help re-energize your positive energy and reconnect you to your passions.

Rose Quartz-"The Quintessential Stone of Love." Energy from the gentle stone is known for compassion, calming and harmony. The stone can help create an environment in which you feel nourished and clear negative energy.

ViA Bottle holds 16.9 fl oz of water and is made of premium, pollutant-free glass. The bottle comes with the Love GemPod, filled with precious gemstones like Rose Quartz, Garnet and Clear Quartz. 
In addition to your Gemstone Vial and Decanter, the full GemWater experience. The Gemstone Vial appears to be floating inside the glass decanter, while being firmly fixed to the decanter’s lid. Era (including its lid) is dishwasher-safe and holds 1.3l (44 fl.oz) of GemWater. 

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 *Perfect gifts for anyone on your Valentine list

Bundle Contents

ViA "Love" Bottle
VitaJuwel Decanter
Gemstone "Love" Vial
Ooo Baby Baby Earrings
My Strength Bracelet Garnet
Elisa Ilana
Two Tone
Hearts & Love
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