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Copper In Quartz Necklace-339966



Adam Michael Jewelry is proud to present to you an exotic laboratory created stone that mimicks mother nature's process deep within the earth. Pure precious metals are infused into natural quartz through a hydrothermal heat pressure process.  It is not a plastic or a precipitated specimen, its natural quartz stone with real precious metal inclusions. The value of infused quartz varies with each piece. No two pieces are alike, each displaying its own unique characteristics depending on the color of the quartz, the amount of gold, silver, or copper in the quartz and its distribution. The more precious metal present increases its value, which is based on the weight. The color of the quartz can vary, but the bright white and iridescent quartz is considered among the most highly valued.


This sought after gem has been gaining popularity and due to its rarity only a few possessed it. It is easy to see its lure as it magnificently shimmers its unique webbing cradled in a natural quartz background. 


.65" Copper in Quartz Pendant on 18" Sterling Silver Chain with Rose Gold Plate

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