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ns057-Heather Moore Jewelry Dog Paw Charm

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Heather Moore Jewelry Dog Paw Charm. This charm (size 5) measures 11/16" in diameter and can be personalized with a special name (7 characters on the top & 7 characters on the bottom). Shown in 14K yellow gold.

These 14K gold and sterling silver charms are handmade from 100% recycled metals, in combinations of sterling silver and a rainbow of 14K golds (yellow, white, green, or pink), you can personalize each charm with your own names, dates, initials, monograms, or a favorite quote or mantra.

Each piece is handmade to your specifications, so you are able to create a piece that is completely unique to you!

Please call for pricing.

Note: Customized pieces can have additional charges. Call 402.926.3479 with questions.

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