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Mutli-Stone Mother of Pearl Enhancer-330022

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One of a Kind, eye-catching white pearl, garnet, peridot and antique carved mother-of-pearl pin/pendant. Designed by artist Donna Chambers, this piece uses 250 year old antique Chinese gambling chips are engraved mother of pearl pieces that have been passed down throughout the ages. These gambling chips are works of art all on their own but now they have been transformed into timeless pieces of art, style and grace.

Approximately 1 1/2"x 2 3/4"

*Alternate Images are shown on a Tourmaline Strand. Tourmaline Strand is sold separately.

Each piece is stamped with the Donna Chambers DC logo, stamped 14K and shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity which tells the history of the antique Chinese gambling chip and guarantees its authenticity.


Color Red
Color White
Stone Garnet
Stone Mother of Pearl
Stone Peridot
Designer Donna Chambers