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Mother of Pearl and Labradorite Cluster Ring

G-Vine cluster ring with Mother of Pearl and Labradorite stones framed in rows of white diamonds.

0.51cttw Dia.

Top of ring measures 1.5'' x 1''.

An ingenious combination of the world’s most precious metals, 1874 represents the future of fine jewelry, inspired by history. 1874’s perfect purity of color penetrates each piece throughout, a tribute to the unimagined riches discovered in the Black Hills in the year for which it’s named. While butterflies lead those intrepid pioneers to the beauty they sought, our instinct and expertise helped us create the perfect union of gold, silver, copper and brass.

With modern beauty of unparalleled depth, 1874 elevates any collection and compliments all settings, from casual cocktails to black-tie benefits. You can’t have style without respect for the past and command of the future.

1874 is the “perfectly imperfect” version of gold. S & R Designs, along with a qualified metallurgist, have developed a metal that maintains all the properties of gold, except the cost. Most of today’s jewelry is not crafted in 24k gold, but is instead a combination of metals. With gold prices rising, many companies have turned to gold plating. But by establishing 1874, S & R Designs has afforded retailers an opportunity to present their customers with something pure, and not plated. 1874 is a finely tuned combination of gold, silver, copper and brass. The future of gold jewelry is changing, but your customers shouldn’t have to.

“1874 rivals gold, it does not imitate.”

Original Price: $2,440.00
Sale Price: $1,199.00

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Product Details
Sku 342295
Style 37-2000NM
Color White
Designers Elisa Ilana
Stone Diamond, Labradorite, Mother of Pearl

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